Big Island Goat Dozers

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Big Island Goat Dozers provide a green, efficient, cost effective way to:  Clean Up Yards • Clear Construction Sites • Control Brush • Remove Weeds • Clear Survey Lines •  Reclaim Pasture Land • Create Fire Breaks • Clear Utility Easements • Much More



Let our herd clear the land for you.


Using goats to clear land is a very efficient, cost effective and thorough way to remove unwanted brush, grasses and even small trees, such as Strawberry Guava or Christmas Berry.  We bring our herd to you, complete with guard donkey (Patron), set up our own portable electric fencing and set the herd to work. In a matter of days a small area is clear. In a few weeks, acres can be free of unwanted vegetation. Call us today for free, a no-obligation estimate to clear your land with our tame and friendly, brush clearing goat herd.



Advantages of using goats to clear your land:


      • Brush is converted to organic fertilizer.

      • Goats easily clear terrain that is difficult or impossible to clear by man or machine.

      • Goats can work on, over or around rock walls and other landscaping with little or no negative impact.

      • Minimal fossil fuels are used during the clearing process.

      • Goats are far quieter than machinery.

      • Our animals are far more lovable and much cuter than five guys with weed whackers!

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