Big Island Goat Dozers provides a green, efficient, cost effective way to:

      • Clean Up Yards

      • Clear Construction Sites

      • Control Brush and Remove Weeds

      • Clear Odd, Unmowable Areas

      • Clear Survey Lines

      • Reclaim Pasture Land

      • Create Fire Breaks

      • Clear Utility Easements

      • And So Much More



Let our herd clear the land for you.

Using goats to clear land is a very efficient, cost effective and thorough way to remove unwanted brush, grasses and even small trees, such as Strawberry Guava or Christmas Berry.  We bring our herd to you, complete with guard donkey (Patron), set up our own portable electric fencing and set the herd to work. In a matter of days a small area is clear. In a few weeks, acres can be free of unwanted vegetation. Call us today for free, a no-obligation estimate to clear your land with our tame and friendly, brush clearing goat herd.



Advantages of using goats to clear your land:

      • Brush is converted to organic fertilizer.

      • Goats easily clear terrain that is difficult or impossible to clear by

         man or machine.

      • Goats can work on, over or around rock walls and other

         landscaping with little or no negative impact.

      • Minimal fossil fuels are used during the clearing process.

      • Goats are far quieter than machinery.

      • Our animals are far more lovable and much cuter than five guys

         with weed whackers!

"When we had our builder and real estate agent look at a lot for us we had viewed on-line, they were not as impressed with it compared to the pictures we had seen, but knowing pictures can be deceiving and are often taken under the best circumstances, we continued to look around at other options.


Then months later after the Goat Dozers were brought in by the land owners to clear the lot of some really tough, thick grass, the builder and agent again viewed the lot as part of our search and had a whole different opinion - the lot was stunning as they then had full unimpeded access to an amazing view.  When we traveled to see the lot and decided to purchase, we were so impressed with the work the goats had done, we told the owner of Goat Dozers if he needed a place to store goats from time to time that he could use our lot until we started our own building.


This has kept our lot manageable to be able to work more efficiently with our architect, builder and other contractors as we view the lot while planning our project.  For us, the Goat Dozers really did help to close the deal!" -

               Mike and Patte Barry

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The Benefits:

      • Goat clearing is cost effective, in many cases considerably less

        expensive than hiring manpower and bringing in noisy


      • Grass, brush and weeds are converted to fertilizer, minimal need

        to haul away, bury, or burn.

      • Goats are methodical; they get in areas where it is difficult for

        men and machines to maneuver. Even on steep slopes.

      • Goat clearing is quiet, even pleasant and pastoral.

      • Goats have minimal impact on terrain, rock walls and other

        landscape features such as grades and embankments.

      • Goat clearing is truly green, environmentally friendly and uses

        very little fossil fuel.

      • Goats eat a wide variety of grasses, shrubs and invasive brush.

      • Top soil is preserved and even fortified with goat clearing.

      • No potentially harmful chemicals are used on the land.


The Costs:

Costs can vary considerably depending on the size of the property, the location, the terrain, and the type and state of the overgrowth.


Consider the following for planning purposes:

      • Small Spaces - As little as $50 per week! Call about our “Goat on

        a Rope” program for light grazing with a pair of goats.

        Additional discounts for 1 month or longer or added goats to

        make it go quicker.

      • By the Acre - As little as $1285 per acre.

        For large acreages ask about our special bulk grazing plans.


For larger areas, we can set up our own temporary fencing and bring a trailer-load of approximately 85 goats to clear your property quickly and quietly.


Naturally, prices vary depending on the location, terrain, density and type of brush grass or weeds.




Ask about our continuity agreements for year around scheduled and continuous maintenance programs. Now providing services to all Hawaii Property Owners, City, County, State, Utilities, Realtors, Managing Agents,  Non Resident Owners,  Project Managers, Home Owners Associations, etc.


Call Chris today    (808) 315-1054

     "When I recently read an article on Big Island Goat Dozers in an in-flight magazine, I immediately thought: 'THIS is the answer to my predicament of how to clear a small property that had become terribly overgrown.'  I loved the idea of hiring the 4-legged crew, as they would be helping me clear the land and I would be helping them with their meals!

     It was also very enjoyable to see my grandchildren petting the goats and Patron, the guard donkey.  I believe my neighbors enjoyed seeing the goats working as well.

    Would I recommendation Goat Dozers?  Absolutely!!"

               Leah Wah Lick - Honoka'a



    "I wanted to thank you for your (and your goat's) help on getting our lot cleared.  The lot was so steep and rugged we couldn't have done it without you!!  You made the process easy.  Being in a gated community, I had to get the Homeowner's Association's approval - you provided me with everything I needed to make that happen.

     We have gotten so many positive comments from our neighbors - they loved having the herd in the neighborhood - they are quite entertaining!! We would be happy to be a reference for you any time - just let us know. Mahalo!!"

              Debbie & Burl

Call Today for a Free Estimate!

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Call Today for a Free Estimate!

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